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We’ve personally helped turn around hundreds of local business by providing free 1-on-1 guidance to owners who are determined to get unstuck. 
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Identify Your Weak Areas

We’ll start off with a quick overview of where your business is at right now, and what is making you feel stuck. Then, we’ll go over each area of your business (sales, marketing, retention, hiring etc) and see how well you are doing. We often find it is something else that is actually causing you to stay stuck!

Get Specific

Once we’ve got a good grasp on how you are doing in each area of your business, we will focus on the top 1-2 areas giving you trouble. This is where we get very specific about what you are doing and what is holding you back in those areas.

Form An Action Plan

After we’ve gotten specific on the top areas you need to work on, we’ll leave you with a a quick plan of action you can use for the next 90 days to fix those areas of your business. This is where your hard work begins to pay off massively, as you fix each area you will start to see what real growth is.


At the end of our call, if you feel you want some extra help fixing your weak areas, we will let you know exactly where we can help.

Meet Your Business Health Check Coaches

Kelli Joy Wells

Kelli Joy has over 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry, and has helped hundreds of local businesses one on one to get growing again. 

Chris Schwab

Chris started and runs one of the most successful cleaning companies in Washington, D.C. - Think Maids. He has helped many business owners get unstuck using the same foundational strategies he uses in his own cleaning business everyday.