Hire & Train Your OWN Virtual Assistant by Christopher Schwab

Hire & Train Your OWN Virtual Assistant

Learn to how hire, train, and work together with your own professional virtual assistant. By the end of this course you will have begun to remove yourself from the day-to-day admin work in your business. 

Hire & Train Your OWN Virtual Assistant

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Here's What You'll Learn

Start Here
Welcome To The Course!
8 mins
Course Overview
Hiring Your VA
What Can I Actually Hand Off To A VA?
8 mins
3 Steps To Hiring The RIGHT Virtual Assistant
17 mins
Full Interview Ouline
Job Description Template
Job Application Creation Template
Onboarding Your New VA
Onboarding Sequence
The 3 MOST Important Conversations To Have
What To Delegate The First Week & Month
11 mins
Priority Outline & Daily Tasks for Cleaning Business VAs
70.6 KB
Working Together & Delegating Effectively
How To Delegate Tasks
What is the ABCDE Method?
4 mins
Batching With A Virtual Assistant
4 mins
Batch Schedule
68.2 KB
3 Part To-Do List System
4 mins
Weekly Meetings
Running A Weekly Meeting & What To Cover
13 mins
Meeting Agenda Template
108 KB
The "Fuck-Up" Fund
5 mins
Further Training
ZenMaid Training
Virtual Office Manager FULL Daily Routine
It's NOT Complicated: How To Book Customers Over The Phone
6 mins
Phone Sales Scripts
Phone Follow-up Script
What To Do If A Team Doesn’t Show Up?
9 mins
VA interview questions
VA Job Posts & Applications
Creating An SOP
Quick Tips
BONUS: 50% Off Your First Month With A Pre-Trained Virtual Assistant
BONUS: Hire & Train Your Own VA Maid Summit Speech
56 mins

Who is teaching this course?

Hi! My name is Chris Schwab. I'm a cleaning business owner who's helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs and 9-5ers launch and build their own local business through our flagship Local Business MBA programme. 

Next to that I also run a virtual assistant agency that provides trained virtual office managers specifically for local business owners. So if you need help handling your office admin, phone calls, or following up we can help at inovalocal.com 

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